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The home insurance market is changing and it presents a real opportunity for brands to explore new customer value and revenue generation with NewLeaf’s progressive and fully customisable digital home insurance solution.

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We’re a fully digital home insurance platform that can be completely embedded and customised to fit your brand.

We enable any brand to enter the home insurance market simply as we take care of the entire process.

We make the experience of arranging home insurance cover faster and easier for your customers.

Access the home insurance market promptly and simply.

The NewLeaf offering allows simple access to the highly regulated home insurance sector with minimum fuss and cost - NewLeaf takes the burden and provides the infrastructure to remove the barriers for entry to this £7bn marketplace.

Blending market-leading technology with human expertise.

NewLeaf's innovative digital home insurance solution is built using the latest technology by leading Insurtech professionals and offers a seamless integration that can be effortlessly customised to meet the needs of your brand and your customers. Behind the technology is a team with decades of experience and a passion to redefine the home insurance landscape.

Partner with a provider that's putting people and the planet first.

Climate change and nature loss are increasingly having an impact on people, places and prosperity across the globe. At NewLeaf, we recognise that home insurance has a critical role to play in both society and the environment and we’re committed to continually advancing what home insurance can achieve in sustainability and strive be a leading light in our sector.

Home insurance for your brand

Brands and affinities of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the changing landscape by partnering with NewLeaf.

Seamless customer experience

Offer your customers a truly innovative and progressive experience that can unlock new customer value and brand loyalty.

Complete in-house solution

Enjoy peace of mind that everything’s taken care of, from the regulated product and technology to the customer service.

Entirely customisable

Adopt a fully customisable, white label solution that can be tailored to fit the look, feel and tone of your brand down to the finest detail.

Security and credibility

Supported by a highly experienced team of home insurance experts and A-rated security for financial peace of mind.

A commitment to sustainability

Partner with a brand committed to sustainability that’s striving to drive positive change in the insurance industry.

We’re looking for brand partners who will join us on our mission to redefine what is possible for the future of home insurance, its critical role in society and the environment.

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